I would like to introduce you to a powerful SEO process I have been using that has driven hundreds of my own websites and my clients' websites to the first page of Google in as little as 7 days - resulting in thousands of #1 rankings! This proven method has taken me 12 years of full-time research and development in the SEO industry to learn.

I have recently discovered several secret loopholes in Google's search algorithm process that have given me the ability to get my client's websites ranked on the first page of Google for thousands of popular keyword phrases! Who wants to be next?

Drive A Flood Of New Traffic To Your Website With A Guaranteed First Page Listing On Google - Or Get A Refund!

SEO Service Features & Benefits:
  • Guaranteed first-page Google ranking within six months or money back.
  • Service is completely automated. You just relax and enjoy the results.
  • Keyword research and discovery to determine popular search phrases.
  • Links to your website added to thousands of blogs and websites.
  • Entire SEO Booster Website dedicated to promote your website.
  • Five custom-written articles about your website added to SEO blog.
  • Weekly search engine ranking reports to track your website's progress.
  • Control panel gives you access to detailed progress reports and more.
  • We can rescue your website from the bottom of the search results!

Greetings Fellow Internet Marketer or Business Owner!

Are you tired of checking Google to see if your website can be found in the top search results, only to be disappointed time after time? Are you getting fed up with seeing your competitors rake in the cash with their high rankings while you are left at the bottom of the search engine results, forced to pay for pay-per-click ads to get traffic to your website?

More importantly... are you ready to DOMINATE the first page of Google for your website's keywords? If so, one of our SEO Campaigns is exactly what the web doctor ordered. My powerful SEO strategies have driven hundreds of my clients's websites to the first page of Google for literally thousands of different keywords.Yours can be next!

This SEO Campaign Is Valued At Over $3,000.00 And Is Being Offered For A Limited Time Right Now For Only $999.95!

Just look at the value of our SEO Service compared to others:

Webtrafficoutlet SEO Campaign Fee Comparison Chart
Description Value  
Keyword Research & Discovery To Determine 20 Popular Keyword Phrases $ 199.00  
Thousands Of Permanent One-Way Links From Websites & Blogs In Our Network $ 899.00  
Custom SEO Booster Website With Relevant Articles Linking To Your Website $ 397.00  
12 Months Of Weekly Search Engine Ranking Reports For Your Website $ 480.00  
Five Custom-Written SEO Articles Distributed Thousands Of Websites & Blogs $ 299.00  
SEO Campaign Control Panel To Track Search Rankings, Backlinks, & Much More $ 349.00  
Optimization Of Your Website's Metatags If Determined Necessary (Optional) $ 199.00  
Submission Of Your Website To Over 1,100 Search Engines & Directories $ 299.00  
Total SEO Campaign Value: $3,121.00  
Special Price $999.95  

Order Your SEO Campaign Today and Get Your Site
Listed On The First Page of Google!

Let me tell you a little about myself. I started working in the search engine optimization (SEO) industry in 2001 when I wanted to get higher search engine rankings for my automotive parts business website. By 2007 I had developed a large link exchange network that currently consists of many thousands of websites and blogs. This gives me the edge over other SEO companies that do not have access to a large link network like I do.

The fact is, SEO is not SEO unless you can provide backlinks. It is a well-documented fact that a website's search ranking is based on the number and quality of links pointing to it from other websites. Google basically runs a web popularity contest, and the website with the most links wins. That's why it helps to own a large link network!

Here's an example of what you can expect when you purchase our SEO Service. A few months ago I launched an SEO campaign for a Los Angeles plumbing company. Their website was stuck at #64 on Google for their preferred keywords, and they had been disappointed by another "SEO company" that failed to improve their website's Google rankings. Within 45 days we moved them up to the first page of Google, and they are now ranking at #2. This same scenario has played itself out time after time for our clients.

I have recently observed two of our newer client's websites jump to the first-page of Google in as little as 7 days after taking advantage of our SEO Service. Both of these clients received more new website traffic and sales than they had bargained for - which is a good problem for them! How would 1,000 new customers help your bottom line?

Here's how our SEO Service works: After you complete your purchase, I will email a request to you for your website URL and the keywords that you want us to go after. Once I have received your information, I will consult with you to confirm the type of website traffic that you want to target. We will then begin to perform the following SEO processes:

1. Keyword Research & Discovery

This process usually takes a skilled SEO expert to perform properly, because if you get it wrong it will completely derail your SEO campaign. I cannot tell you how many websites I have seen shipwrecked on Google due to bad keyword selection. Just because someone does good website design doesn't mean they know how to select proper search keyword phrases for your business. Don't trust this to just anyone - get an SEO expert to help.

When it comes to choosing the appropriate keywords for a website, there are several different factors to consider. First of all, what keyword market are you going to attempt to target? Is it a keyword phrase that is too competitive, or one that is already dominated by powerful corporate websites? We make these crucial determinations based on a mix of your input and the use of professional keyword tracking tools to determine the most relevant keywords to use focus on for your SEO Campaign. The result is the discovery of at least 20 popular search keyword phrases relevant to your website and your business.

2. New Backlinks From Thousands Of Websites & Blogs

Getting links from other websites is the single most critical factor when it comes to search engine ranking. In fact, many of the top SEO experts believe that up to 99% of a website's Google ranking is based on offsite factors. Without links, a website will not rank!

The chart below shows how our unique one-way double linking process uses thousands of links from websites in our network to link to your website and to your press release website to generate a double boost in PageRank that is much more effective at increasing your website's search engine ranking than a conventional link exchange is!

Unlike other SEO services that post unwanted links to your website on random forums and blogs (that usually get removed), we have an extensive network of high quality blogs and websites that we place permanent links to your website on - and you never have to link back! Also, we will only post your links on pages that are relevant to your website.

3. Custom SEO Booster Website Created To Promote Your Website

This is a feature that you usually do not find on SEO campaigns for less than $2,500.00. We develop an entire SEO Booster website that is dedicated to promote your website. This new SEO website will include five new articles that are custom-written about your website, and these unique articles will include keyword-loaded links to your website along with non-competitive authority links on every page. Guaranteed no duplicate content!

The links on this SEO website are permanent, and you never have to pay hosting fees for it. This is one of the most powerful methods of SEO I have ever used. It's great to get new links from other websites - but it's much better when you can get links from relevant web pages! The links your website receives from this SEO website will be 100% relevant!

4. Five Custom Full-Page Articles Written For Your Website

Our professional writers will write five new articles about your website. These articles are guaranteed to be non-duplicate content, and will be hosted on the new SEO website that we develop for you. We will carefully add your keywords to these articles, and we will also add your links to the anchor text of the keywords. Google loves new non-duplicate content!

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