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We are selling two types of traffic to your website, Pop Unders and Expired Domain traffic.  Both forms of traffic can be effective in marketting your site.  Buying traffic is the quickest way to get visitors to your site.  You don't have to deal with Search engines or submitting your website to link directories.  You buy a certain amount of traffic to your site and you are guaranteed to get that. 
We offer two types of traffic.  The first is from pop-unders.  These come from a group of high traffic websites.  When someone enters one of these websites, your website Pops under theirs.  This is different from pop up ads as far as, this does not interfere with the surfer's viewing of their main website.  Everyone knows how annoying pop up ads can be.  Pop Under ads are far less annoying and have been tested to be far superior in click through rates and conversions.  Since the pop under comes up when a surfer goes to a certain website, that is how we can target your audience.  We set it so that only similar types of sites pop under the original site.  For example, if you go to a joke website, a pop under for another joke website will appear underneath the original site.  This way when the viewer is done with the original site, the pop under is right there to be viewed.  The surfer is not annoyed like with pop ups and is far more likely to browse your site.  Even with all these pop up blockers these days, these adds are programmed in a certain way that works around most pop up blockers.  Website views are only counted when they actually go through, and are not blocked.
The other type of traffic we sell is expired domain traffic.  Everyday, 20,000 domains expire and become out there for the public to buy.  Some websites like www.expiredtraffic.com are places where you can find these expired domains.  They are not easy to obtain however.  A lot of these websites already have some traffic going to them or have a  lot of links pointed to them.  People let these domains expire for many reasons. Sometimes the owner just can't make the business work or doesn't have time anymore.  They might have spent a lot of time getting traffic to the site, but gave up on the idea and let the name expire.  However, even though it expired, there are still people going to these sites to look for information or a prioduct.  The way expired domain traffic works is, that these domains get bought up, seperated into specific categories and then whatever hits that go to these sites, get directed to the purchaser of this type of traffic. 
Buying traffic and just sending it to your website will not necessarily ensure success to your website.  Research and tracking needs to be done to maximize your profits.  The first thing that needs to be done is to determine your product.  Both Pop Under traffic and expired domain traffic can be effective tools so choosing either one can work for you.  You need to determine what your product is and look at the categories of traffic and see which one it best falls into.  You can use untargeted traffic but that won't get you anywhere near the results targeted traffic will.  Then you need to determine is your product is strictly for US based viewers or if other countries can benefit from your product.  While it may seem like a waste of time, the more you narrow down your traffic, the better your results will be.
Next you need to look at your website.  When a viewer goes to your website, they need to be impressed or see a need to stay within 15 seconds or else they will leave.  A viewer is very impatient.  However, when buying traffic, these are not sites they directly expected to see, therefore their attention span is even less, maybe 5 or 10 seconds at most.  That means, you need to not have a cluttered website.  You need to state perfectly clear what you are providing and not give the viewer too many confusing options.  The best results we have seen come from one page specific ads on your website, with only one or two smaller ads or banners on it.  While sending the viewer to your main site that has more options on it will not mean it will fail, it just might not receive as high a profit as with a specific product on it that the viewer can quickly and easily see.
The last step and what I feel the most important step is keeping track of statistics.  You need to keep track of everything, everytime you buy traffic.  You need to know what category you used, how your website looked, how many banners you had on it, how long your ad on your website was and basically everything.  If you buy 10,000 hits, keep track of how many times a viewer clicked on a certain banner.  See which ones work better than others.  See how long your viewers stayed.  This can usually be done in most hosting control panels.  Keep track of how many sales you got or how much affiliate revenue you earned.  This is the best way to maximize your profits.  Sometimes you might not make a lot of click throughs or profit the first time you buy traffic.  Study what you did and try a different category or set up your website a little differently. Then buy more traffic and compare which way went better.  Learning from failure is the best way to succeed.
One last tip I suggest is to consider using a pop up on your site as a change of pace when buying some traffic.  While you can't have pop ups when you buy most of this traffic, we do offer traffic that does allow pop ups.  Pop up can advertise another website and can get you to earn more income from that affiliate.  Or you can join an exit exchange program so you can use this pop up on your site to promote other sites, that will in turn send more traffic to you.  This is an easy way to nearly double the traffic you get.  That is just another statistic to keep track of when trying to maximize your profits and see what works best for you.
That is about it on Pop under traffic and expired domain traffic.  Buying traffic can be very rewarding, but you need to do it smart.  Keep track of all the statistics you can, see what works best for you and hopefully you can enjoy the rewards of a successful website.

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